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R&D forms the most innate part of Gnosis. An integral process towards innovations in the field of medicine, this helps us formulates new drugs and improve the existing ones with the objective to improve the healthcare services currently available to the world. We aim to create and deliver medicines that are absolutely safe to consume, stable and go easy on consumer’s medical budgets. Grasping the importance of Research and Development in fulfilling its vision as one of the top pharma companies in the world, Gnosis has steered the development of an exclusive team of highly revered professionals equipped with state-of-art facility and latest technology. We also believe in market research and carry it out through our extensive network of distributors, contractors and other professionals. Our medical representatives leverage their routine visits to doctors and hospital to explore the feedback on our medicines, current medicinal trends and future needs. This information is further communicated to the Research and Development team, which in turn functions in accordance and build upon existing gaps in demand and supply of suitable drugs. Quality System The Quality system implemented at Gnosis is as follows:-

  • Vendors of raw material undergo strict assessment for their raw materials and packaging materials before they are approved and added to vendor list to ensure consistent quality. They are also initially and thereafter periodically evaluated as per Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) based on GMP guidelines.
  • Outside agencies and analytical laboratories are also evaluated as per approved SOP’s based on WHO GMP guidelines.
  • Measures are taken to ensure that the product manufactured is compliant with TSE/BSE clearance certifications from suppliers.
  • Batch is released only after review of Batch Manufacturing Record, Batch Packaging Record, In-Process quality Assurance Report, Quality Control Analysis Report, Change Control, Deviation, Out of Specification, Regulatory Clearance for release and related documents.
  • Quality Assurance shall release finished product for distribution only after the designated authorized person gives a go ahead.
  • Periodic product review as per SOP is conducted on all products manufactured and marketed.
  • Periodic management review of the implemented quality system, which includes self assessment procedures and external inspections, is conducted to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness against the pre-defined performance indicators.

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